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Werid lady 1 on 1 to be u inside and out to understand the weird


My Mom was very beautiful mixed race woman with Indian and Irish. She live a very short life loved by many and hated by many because of her beautiful looks.

I'm the last child of four, my Mother died about 4-6 months after my birth. I'm from a mixed up family. My Mother side of people is like pure gold with very strong family connection. That side of family look out for each other and help to build each other.

When my Mom died I was taken to live with that family. I was only a small child so I don't know much. I was told that I live there for a while with my Grand Aunt and her kids. As my Grand parents were very old and not capable to look after me. They gave me to her as she could give me a better life.

Beautiful one girl I can't live without her my Father came in search of me. She is my Diamond my only light skin Daughter. I need her to come and live with me my Father said. My Grand Aunt told him to go and leave me with her as he was not capable him selve to look after me.. My Dad said he will take me to live with his Girlfriend and his other children. He keep saying I can't live without my one girl she is my diamond.

There is nothing that my Grand Aunt could do, she gave me to him. He was excited he left with me.

I grow up like a diamond in the rough, I lived with my Stepmother and her 3 daughters. They were older than me my eldest half Sister hould be my Mother. My father didn't even live there with them. He lived in the same area on his own, him and my Stepmother was not even together. My father left me with my Stepmother and my half siblings. My memory of my life growing up is heart broken and really has deeply makes me a stronger person.. “In life what doesn't kill you makes you stronger”.

Little red skin girl living with my dark skin siblings was like hell. They called me names everday, beat me with any and everything. Name calling like rudoulf the red nose reindeer, white chicken, jacket, yellow man pikney, malata, copper color gal, dirty red gal and many more names. As a little girl I suffer daily by the hands of my sisters and stepmother. I suffer abuse mentally, physically

This article was originally published on @onegirlroughdiamond43